Global heating is dominating our environment. There is no more place with a stable climate and we are slowly losing so important diversity of plants and animals of the global meaning.
As our known biological resources are disappearing, humans are looking for new territories to occupy and dominate. By the time it is becoming increasingly plausible to inhabit more distant landscapes.  Undiscovered Antarctica is offering a place for a new start, new sources for biological material, new opportunities.  A proposed station and community that utilizes drones, dealing with the collecting and cataloguing of existing biomaterial is central to this proposal.
Antarctica, the extraordinary land of snow and frost is a location where we can build intelligently with the eye on the future of the planet. The ARKantica is developed in this distant landscape, which will be soon the only location for the seed banks with the possibility to keep thousands of years of knowledge of our environment. The Climate was for long doing it naturally, ice kept many germs those are just now appearing on the surface and unveiling for us undiscovered opportunities. This untouched landscape is offering a new way to the sustainability of our life; bioprospecting is naturally finding its way to bring to light powerful germs so important for our survival.
The ARKantica is changing its appearance over the year to effectively work with the climate. Over the summer the stations are floating around the continent, carrying drones on board those fly to the distant location on the land gathering material for future research.
In the summer the station surface is maximized to allow optimal energy gain.
During this time of energy resource wealth, the greenhouses are used for growing various plants. Both replanting seeds from seed bank to sustain their lifespan and for research and breading of newly found germs from Antarctica. Researchers take over the summer care of utilizing the drones and seeds.
In winter floating stations are gathered at few locations around the continent and stabilized in clusters. This new connection is allowing for the energy optimization. Lowering the surface area, exchanging the heat and optimizing the footprint are just a few of the advantages.
New connections between the stations are opening new possibilities for the community, knowledge sharing from the year-long research, resource sharing and cultural exchange between researchers.
The connection between station is created thanks to robotic construction technologies those allow the boat form to bend and span to 300 meters heights. This new skyscraper is stabilized not just with underwater construction at the gathering locations but with the most natural force in Antarctica– the ice.  The stations became connected and part of the landscape, frozen into the countryside.

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