studio project 2014, team: lenka petrakova, ARPAPAN chantanakajornfung
studio hani rashid, university of applied arts, vienna
Istanbul as a cross road between Europe and Asia. It has been one of the most important meeting points for trade, transportation, and tourism in history, and still maintains this tradition today. The train station „Arc de celerité“ is one of the most prominent infrastructures connecting Asia and Europe. Within this station one can smoothly board global, regional, or local trains, as well as, transition from to sea to air transportation.
Constant circulation is made possible by moving platforms that connect the multitude of trains. This temporary connection reduces waiting periods to a minimum. By this unique system of constant movement, Istanbul is produces energy not only for the hub itself but also for the entire city, producing around 20 percent of the energy consumed each year.
 “Arc de celerité” is not only the gateway to Europe, but also provided its location the gateway to the heart of the Istanbul historical district.  The train station accommodates a shopping mall, hotel and seaport. All of these programs are penetrated by the public spaces and greenery, which runs along the entire 3 kilometres of the building. In return this interweaving binds the station to the city.

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