studio project 2016, team: lenka petrakova, Viki Sándor,  Piotrek Prokopowicz,  Roman Hajtmánek
studio hani rashid, university of applied arts, vienna
“Watch and being watched”. Within the Performance centre the positions of visitors and artist are shifted and there is a constant exchange of stage and auditorium within the building. Visitors are becoming visible towards the outside and with this constant performances, like in Hitchcock “rare window” the life is becoming the greatest theater for the city.
Designed Body Performance Centre in Red Hook, NYC is dedicated for Cirque du Soleil which is the most groundbreaking body performance group these days. Based on their philosophy from their early age Cirque du Soleil should be open to the wider public and bringing together interaction between artists and visitors.
This vivid interaction inside of the building is demonstrated through windows in different parts of the building and creating constant life performance for the audience even out side of the building. Windows are bringing sequences not just from the performances or trainings but as well from passing by of the visitors. With this interwoven definition boundaries between spaces are blended together and losing there essence of being as well the roles that we are facing in today’s performance centres are lost and the whole building is becoming performance centre for different scale of spaces and for bright audience

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